Sophie de la Mancha's World of Tiny Things

Month: December, 2012

Nine Tiny Camels

Tiny Camels

What is this?

It is Nine Tiny Camels inside the eye of a needle.

Made by Willard Wigan.


Tiny Felted Wool Owl

Tiny Owl

Tiny Felted Wool Owl lives in Russia, and feeds upon the souls of Tiny Felted Wool Carrion.

Made by Vera Megorskaya.

Tiny Three Dimensional You

Tiny Japanese Woman

Tiny Perfect Replica You perches upon a piano key.

3D scanning. 3D printing. Japanese perfection.

Made by Omote 3D. Enthused about in English, here.



Tiny Paper Gun

Tiny Paper Gun

Too many guns. This Tiny Paper Gun, however, is acceptable.




Made by Miranda Brandon.