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Month: October, 2012

Tiny Midnight Snack

Sometimes when you least expect it – this happens.

Our world is full of Tiny Nibblers. You and I would be best to make peace with this concept.

A reminder to open your eyes, believe what you see, and ultimately accept that your Tiny Place is shared with a myriad of other Tiny Creatures.

This photograph was taken by Alexander Badyaev and recently awarded a special commendation in the UK Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.


Tiny Rooms

One of the places where I’ve had the pleasure of pressing my nose to the glass in recent memory has been the world of Tiny Rooms at the Art Institute of Chicago. Otherwise known as the 68 Thorne Miniature Rooms, as one Mrs James Ward Thorne created and commissioned these in the 1930s and 40s.

One of my fascinations with this sort of Tiny Room scenario, I think, is that I find its existence completely baffling. But utterly intriguing at the same time. Who did this?

Rich American society lady, and Tiny Rooms benefactor of old: What were you thinking? How did these Tiny Worlds make you feel? What possessed you to do this? If you were alive today – sans privilege – would you have a niche Etsy store to satiate this need? A blog? Would you be me? Am I a modern shadow of you?

Probably not. I’m not American.

Actually, like many things, one does not need to fully understand the rationale for Tiny Rooms to appreciate them on different levels. The main detail that sticks in my mind about these Tiny Rooms, that I keep coming back to singularly, is the textiles. The Tiny Rugs are eye blindingly handmade cross stitch works. Can you imagine? Unless you’ve made things with threads, probably not, but let me assure you – that’s just ridiculous. And mind-blowing.

Which leads me to suspect that if one was to fully appreciate all details upon details upon details in this collection of Tiny Rooms, one would need a serious lie down and a cup of tea.

Tiny Deer

Tiny Deer nibble Tiny Detritus.

These nibblers were herded into position by none other than Slinkachu! You are probably definitely going to want to peruse his selection of Little People too. If you know what is good for you. (Little People are good for you.)

Tiny Ring

Can you see the Tiny Ring? It’s lurking in the lavender. Amidst bees and breeze, a twinkle spied.

This is a Tiny Metal Thing which represents a Big Thing in my life.

It was presented by my best friend, as an invitation to be partners in The World.

It was made by designer Satomi Kawakita, and obtained from delicious Catbird boutique in Brooklyn, NYC.

Tiny Elephant

This Tiny Elephant was born atop a carpenter’s pencil. Somewhat morbidly, the graphite shadow he casts reminds me of the scorched wall shadows of the people obliterated during the Hiroshima bombing.

But then, this Tiny Elephant is meant to be depressing. Because this is about man’s senseless killing of elephants.

So that’s just a bit of Tiny Depression for you. (Hint: Turning Tiny Depression into Big Action is the best way to deal with life.)

The above Tiny Creature is The Last Elephant by (the very wonderful) artist Diem Chau. This work, and others, are currently being exhibited at the Galleria Patricia Armocida in Milan.

Tiny Air Conditioning Instructions

I stumbled across this sight one maddeningly oppressive American summer afternoon.

I like having a “MEH.” option. I like that it serves no purpose, other than to exist.

Bit zen, that.

Tiny Netsuke

This creature lives at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Quietly self-satisfied at his ability to travel through time and blend into a sea of creatures (both sea and land, one presumes).

I suspect he will disappear into dark pockets and evade us all, for many more years after you and I have left this mortal coil behind.

For now, he has been unearthed and coveted by the Met’s Associate director Carrie Rebora Barratt in this really, very tickling little ode to Small Things.

Tiny Tomato Plant

Tiny Tomato Plant seedling rages against the shackles of seed imprisonment.

Desperate to join the living world.

Pining for independence.

Tiny Tomato Plant dreams of Flight.

It is all that is wanted, and all that is known.

Tiny Doors


Tiny Doors clearly exist for one purpose only: supernatural portals to other worlds.

The above is a good example, particularly noteworthy for the apparent gathering of Tiny Letters. In my previous post, I lamented the postal deficiencies of Tiny Letters. Obviously, however, if you have one of these Tiny Door supernatural portals, you can just hand-deliver.


You can read about the inception and creation of this particular Tiny Door at Kate’s Creative Space Blog.

Tiny Letters


Letters are wonderful. They always have been, and they always will be. Writing someone a letter is an elegant act, which should never go under-appreciated. Creating Tiny Mail? A mind-boggling transcendent act. Otherworldly, awe-inspiring and wondrous.

My only gripe with these little gems, of course, is that you can’t post them. What I would truly like to see is the smallest postable-sized letter, then full of these. A bit like the russian doll of letters. Well, you know, if the largest russian doll was an actual woman.

The whole kit is for sale at Yellow Brick Road Boutique.