Sophie de la Mancha's World of Tiny Things

Tiny Intruder


Tiny slimy shiny trail of snail.


Tiny Table Tableau


One tiny perfect moment, here.

Tiny Lost Lake

Souther Salazar

Tiny beasties roam and roar and frolick and nibble.

American artist Souther Salazar. He has rare talent for conjuring magicks.

Nine Tiny Camels

Tiny Camels

What is this?

It is Nine Tiny Camels inside the eye of a needle.

Made by Willard Wigan.

Tiny Felted Wool Owl

Tiny Owl

Tiny Felted Wool Owl lives in Russia, and feeds upon the souls of Tiny Felted Wool Carrion.

Made by Vera Megorskaya.

Tiny Three Dimensional You

Tiny Japanese Woman

Tiny Perfect Replica You perches upon a piano key.

3D scanning. 3D printing. Japanese perfection.

Made by Omote 3D. Enthused about in English, here.



Tiny Paper Gun

Tiny Paper Gun

Too many guns. This Tiny Paper Gun, however, is acceptable.




Made by Miranda Brandon.

Tiny Midnight Snack

Sometimes when you least expect it – this happens.

Our world is full of Tiny Nibblers. You and I would be best to make peace with this concept.

A reminder to open your eyes, believe what you see, and ultimately accept that your Tiny Place is shared with a myriad of other Tiny Creatures.

This photograph was taken by Alexander Badyaev and recently awarded a special commendation in the UK Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

Tiny Rooms

One of the places where I’ve had the pleasure of pressing my nose to the glass in recent memory has been the world of Tiny Rooms at the Art Institute of Chicago. Otherwise known as the 68 Thorne Miniature Rooms, as one Mrs James Ward Thorne created and commissioned these in the 1930s and 40s.

One of my fascinations with this sort of Tiny Room scenario, I think, is that I find its existence completely baffling. But utterly intriguing at the same time. Who did this?

Rich American society lady, and Tiny Rooms benefactor of old: What were you thinking? How did these Tiny Worlds make you feel? What possessed you to do this? If you were alive today – sans privilege – would you have a niche Etsy store to satiate this need? A blog? Would you be me? Am I a modern shadow of you?

Probably not. I’m not American.

Actually, like many things, one does not need to fully understand the rationale for Tiny Rooms to appreciate them on different levels. The main detail that sticks in my mind about these Tiny Rooms, that I keep coming back to singularly, is the textiles. The Tiny Rugs are eye blindingly handmade cross stitch works. Can you imagine? Unless you’ve made things with threads, probably not, but let me assure you – that’s just ridiculous. And mind-blowing.

Which leads me to suspect that if one was to fully appreciate all details upon details upon details in this collection of Tiny Rooms, one would need a serious lie down and a cup of tea.

Tiny Deer

Tiny Deer nibble Tiny Detritus.

These nibblers were herded into position by none other than Slinkachu! You are probably definitely going to want to peruse his selection of Little People too. If you know what is good for you. (Little People are good for you.)